Plumbing Services

Sometmes it's the little things that need attention.  We also...

  • Find and fix leaks    
  • Replace taps (or parts of taps)
  • Plumb dishwashers and washing machines
  • Fit sinks and basins
  • Install gas cookers
  • Install gas fires
  • Run gas supplies where necessary
  • Install pumps
  • Fix toilets
  • Install outside taps
  • Move radiators or fit new ones
  • Replace cold water tanks and cylinders


Everything including (in fact) the kitchen sink!

Customer References

Methodical and efficient LPG to Oil conversion - Grazeley

31/03/2021 22:51
Jono converted an LPG heating system to an oil fired system for us in 2009. He managed the project and selected reliable sub contractors to install the tank and make good.  Jono is very good at problem solving. He works methodically and prepares well for a job reducing the need to continually...

Simply the best! - Pamber Heath

31/03/2015 22:56
We have been so impressed by the work that Jonathon Bray has done for us. He has given us clear advice, quotations which have been accurate on jobs which are not in the least bit straightforward. His work is always timely, and excellent. Even on a Sunday just before he sat down to lunch, he came...